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I am an award-winning professional photographer who specialises in Architectural, Commercial and Event Photography.

I took up photography as a hobby around 2010.  I was instantly hooked and spent every spare moment out with a camera capturing the landscape around my home town.  Using various social media platforms I started to promote my work.  After a couple of years I was approached by a stock photo company who specialise in the publishing industry who wanted to use my photos for book covers around the world.  

Following on from this I started to be asked to cover local events and the occasional wedding.  In 2018 I left behind a career as an accountant and financial adviser to set up my own photography business.  Initially I tried tackling all genres of photography but quickly whittled it down to architectural, commercial and event photography.

I am still as passionate about photography now as I was when I started and I bring this passion to every project that I work on.  I really enjoy collaborating with clients to figure out what their requirements are and how best to meet them.  During photoshoots I will look for feedback and adjust my approach based on this.  I really enjoy the flexibility and dynamic nature this brings to the shoot.  

In a world of social media and short attention spans a strong image is needed to captures peoples attention. This is where I come in.  I think of myself as a visual story teller.  My job is to tell the story of the client I am working with.  The photos need to be able to speak for themselves.   

Even though photography is now my job it is still my hobby. I spend my free time taking photos for myself.  I love to get away from it all and explore the Irish countryside with my camera.  It is my mindfulness.  Some of the shots I take on these trips are available as fine art prints.  A link to a selection of these images can be found here - Fine Art Prints

Please feel free to contact me if you have any queries.  I can be reached through the Contact Section on this site, by email or by phone.

Phone Number: 0834227870

Email: paul@paulmoorephotography.ie

Thank you.

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