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I am an award-winning professional photographer who specialises in Architectural, Commercial and Event Photography. I am also a member of the Irish Professional Photographers and Videographers Association. I work with clients across a wide variety of sectors to create content for websites, social media and other marketing purposes.

I liaise closely with the client on each project to ensure that I capture the images required. There is an initial consultation to discuss the client’s requirements during which I offer suggestions as to how I plan on photographing the project and answer any queries they might have. I then request a brief from the client based on this discussion. I then use this brief to work out a schedule for the photoshoot itself.

When I arrive on site on the day of the shoot, I spend some time scouting for the best locations for photography. After this I work through the brief and at each stage, I review the photos with the client to ensure that I am on the right track. This review is very helpful as the client can make suggestions, based on the photos they have seen, and this ensures that they get exactly what they are looking for.

The costing of each job is based on the brief that I receive from the client and whether the photography is taking place at a single or multiple locations.  The images are normally provided on a royalty free basis but other options are available based on the client's needs. My quotes are always tailored to the client’s requirements and are set out in a clear and concise manner

If you have any queries I can be reached through the Contact Section on this site or by email or phone.

Phone Number: 0834227870

Email: paul@paulmoorephotography.ie

Thank you.

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